Ideas behind “Cast Shadows”:

1. The process of casting iron is a fleeting event that leaves residue in different ways. Works submitted address this phenomenon in various way.
2. Artists who utilize cast iron produce “permanent” products in iron not only as work unto itself, but also as document to the event.

3. Iron casting process is connected to a long history of metal art, industry, and human history. Cast iron artworks are in a sense living in the shadows cast by this rich past. As well, contemporary artists are casting their own shadows onto those around and into the future.

4. There is a digital relationship between the curators from Illinois and North Carolina. There is a line like a cast shadow from a sundial that goes back and forth between Denton and Akagawa, two gnomon.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kat Cole

Untitled Series 
Found metal, cast iron, paint, rust. 24" x 12" x 48"

These pieces relate to the visual landscape of the mostly rural farming country of my new home in Eastern Carolina. Making these pieces allows me to analyze my environment and become more connected with this location. Elements of each structure are cast iron, poured during my first semester here at East Carolina. Found metal parts from local scrap yards are also incorporated in each piece.  

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